Fire Stopping Systems

Industry-Leading Fire Sealing Products

Passive fire protection is a vital part of fire safety and the structural protection of all buildings. Fire stopping methods are designed to restrain the growth and spread of fire, allowing the building occupants time to escape safely and damage to the fabric of the building to be considerably lessened.

By their very nature, services must travel through walls, floors and ceilings to work throughout a property, but this opens the building up to the risk of fire spreading.

Our fire stopping systems are designed to contain fires and prevent them from spreading. We carry this out by compartmentalising the building–sealing openings between rooms and within fire barriers to stop smoke, gas and fire from passing from one compartment to another.

The highly skilled team at J Wilkinson Fire Protection Services uses a variety of fire stopping systems to prevent fire damage including acoustic sealing, fireproof intumescent paint, fire barriers, soffit insulation, fire-resistant walls, floors and glass, and fireproof cladding.