Fire Protection Surveys

In-depth Appraisal and Analysis of Your Fire Barriers

To ensure your property fully adheres to industry standards and is tested as safe, J Wilkinson Fire Protection Services carries out a full survey of your property and provides a report of recommendations.

We have a wealth of fire protection expertise, and we are always mindful of our clients’ needs and budgets. By using the most cost effective and least disruptive applications we will ensure your property is protected, effectively averting any risk of financial loss or increased insurance cost.

Our experienced assessors will gather the necessary information pertaining to your property and highlight any features that require addressing according to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

J Wilkinson Fire Protection Services will analyse and rate all passive fire protection measures such as service penetrations, fire doors and panelling, providing our suggestions in the form of compulsory and necessary upgrades and repairs, assuring that your property is fully safeguarded from fire.